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Peptide Combination Guide -

Do not know which peptides can be combined? Please keep this instruction sheet for future reference.

If a person is going to take peptides he should familiarize himself with all the features of this product, since it is important not only to study the composition of the drug, but also to know how a particular substance is combined with another. The maximum benefit from the use of a pharmacological product can be obtained only when the reception is carried out correctly compiled course. Therefore, the compatibility of peptides is the most important factor in the choice of the drug.

The volume and combination of peptides is selected depending on the body weight of the amateur or professional athlete, his experience of pharmacology. It is also important to consider the financial capabilities of the athlete. If the funds do not allow you to purchase a full complex, you should reduce dosages, and not reduce the number of drugs used, as complex use increases the effectiveness.

The table of peptides will help to make an optimum course in view of the tasks in view. For example, ectomorphs who hard to gain weight, it is worth paying attention to GHRP-6, which increases appetite. And to improve the dry muscle mass, the GHRP-2 drug proved to be very effective. IGF 1LR3 has the effect of pumping and growth stimulation, it is recommended to use PEG MGF for the spot effect. - Genuine Growth Hormone HGH and Peptides in Thailand! ซื้อสินค้าของแท้ฮอร์โมนการเจริญเติบโตและเปปไทด์ในไทย!

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